C6040 ultra-compact Industrial PC

October 3, 2023

With the new C6040 ultra-compact industrial PC (IPC), Beckhoff is adding further scalability in terms of power and interface options to its proven C60xx series. Leveraging 12th Gen Intel Core processors with up to 16 cores, the controller is ideal for handling extremely complex automation projects in one ruggedized controller measuring just 132 x 202 x 76 mm.

As such, the C6040 enables a range of new applications for the popular C60xx family. This includes even greater capabilities for sophisticated multi-axis motion, complex HMI applications and systems with extremely short cycle times. That reaches all the way up to onboard machine learning or machine vision integrated into the standard automation software and hardware from Beckhoff.

With its other 12th-generation processors, Intel classifies the different CPU types into performance or efficiency cores exclusively. However, the Intel Core i7 and i9 processors used in the C6040 are the first to be installed in a hybrid architecture. This means that four additional efficiency cores are added to the Core i7 and eight to the Core i9 processors. This unique combination of performance and efficiency cores allows applications to be implemented on a total of 12 or 16 processor cores.

Performance cores are primarily suitable for high-performance, single-thread applications. However, many additional threads can be executed in real time or in user mode on the additional efficiency cores.

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