Coriolis mass flowmeters for chemical and process industries

Krohne December 14, 2023

KROHNE, Inc. announces the availability of its OPTIMASS 6000, OPTIMASS 7000, OPTIMASS 1000 and OPTIMASS 2000 Coriolis mass flow sensors with the latest version of the compact or field mounted MFC 400 converters. Based on more than three decades of experience in developing innovative Coriolis meter technology, these devices are an ideal solution for all process measurement and custody transfer applications. They provide significant value where exact and repeatable measurements are crucial for industrial process efficiencies.

When it comes to combustion control in many process plant applications, the OPTIMASS 6400 helps overcome challenging gas mixture applications to provide superior measurement of natural gas and oxygen flows for optimal performance.  Other applications of OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters range from chemical additives metering skids to pipeline monitoring or blending processes.

For applications such as custody transfer, OPTIMASS meters are among the most traceably accurate instruments in their class.  They are fully NIST traceable and ideal custody transfer use, even on very large straight or bent tube configurations.

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