Ex Pro Thermal Cameras

Teledyne FLIR September 19, 2023

The focus-free FLIR E5 Pro and FLIR E6 Pro cameras provide a larger 3.5-inch touchscreen display along with access to FLIR Ignite Cloud connectivity within the same point-and-shoot, pistol-grip form factor as legacy Ex-Series thermal cameras. The versatile cameras are designed primarily for close-up, professional-grade mechanical, building, and electrical thermal inspection scenarios. These include detecting water intrusion, air leaks, electrical connections, temperature differentials between equipment, and impending equipment failure.

Through a built-in touchscreen, FLIR Ex-Pro users can share captured images with colleagues, partners, and clients over Wi-Fi via the FLIR Ignite Cloud software. FLIR provides 1GB of free storage, with the option to purchase additional annual storage subscriptions for heavy users. The FLIR Ignite Cloud can be accessed anywhere from a wide variety of mobile devices, web browsers, or PC desktops, eliminating the need to carry extra USB flash drives, card storage, or cables. Images can be reviewed, edited, analyzed, and shared as files or within quick reports. Files can be synchronized with FLIR Thermal Studio software for situations requiring more advanced editing and reporting capabilities.

FLIR-patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®) capability overlays the edge detail of the visible camera upon the thermal image, providing greater detail and contextual awareness, even in low light, without sacrificing any thermal data.

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