G3 Universal Input Rack PDU

May 9, 2023

Features of the G3 UPDU include:

  • Supports 5 kVA single-phase through 23 kVA three-phase power and can be paired with any one of 12 detachable input cords with 12 different plugs

  • C39 outlets that accommodate both C14 and C20 plugs, adding flexibility to deployments and simplifying the PDU selection process

  • Meets industry standards used all over the world, enabling customers to source a single PDU chassis globally and pair it with input power cables rated for the voltage requirements at each destination

  • Toolless mounting buttons that offer multiple mounting options to fit different rack layouts and power needs, helping make space for other equipment

  • Provides metering, monitoring and switching at the outlet level for granular power data and precision control of power delivery

  • Integrates with Eaton’s Brightlayer Data Centers suite and can be managed via web browser or SNMP integration into DCIM

  • High-density design fits 42 evenly distributed outlets on a 42U chassis

  • Hot-swappable eNMC (ePDU Network Management and Control) module can be removed without interrupting power to the PDU.

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