InsightView Advanced Equipment Analytics

March 29, 2022

ADISRA announces the availability of ADISRA InsightView, accessible for testing by scheduling a webinar demo at this website link: . ADISRA InsightView is a cloud-based software platform for securely collecting local or remote machine and process data, consolidating it into easy-to-understand visual information and reports, and therefore providing the insights that users need to improve operational efficiency. Simplified configurationEffective and resilient digital transformation calls for platforms like ADISRA InsightView so end users can easily apply their machine and process expertise to developing advanced analytics, without needing to know automation and programming specifics. ADISRA InsightView is configurable using simple drag-and-drop templates, but it can also be customized if necessary. With the proper user credentials, analytics results can be securely visualized on desktop PCs, browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. Reports can be printed, saved, and shared as needed. With ADISRA InsightView, users can illuminate the entire manufacturing lifecycle and improve efficiencies on a machine, a production line, an entire factory, or across many sites. Standardized frameworksOverall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a recognized industry method for quantifying equipment performance. It is based on the availability of production equipment, the performance of that equipment, and the quality of resulting products.

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