Liquids Process Analyzer

April 4, 2023

The KECO Model 205 PermaStream H2S in Liquids Process Analyzer offers an accurate quantification of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in sample streams of crude oil as part of environmental compliance, safety, and quality control practices. The inline analyzer measures H2S in light/medium/heavy crude oil, dirty/clean water, diesel, fuel oil and drilling fluid in real time. By providing accurate and continuous monitoring of H2S levels in liquid streams, the analyzer helps companies demonstrate compliance with air permits promoting the reduction of environmental impacts.

Naturally found in crude oil, H2S can pose a threat when inhaled due to its toxicity. Its corrosive properties also can cause damage to storage tanks and pipelines used to transport crude oil. In addition, crude oil with lower levels of H2S is more valuable as it can be more readily processed into petroleum products.

Accurate quantification of H2S is necessary for its efficient removal from crude oil. Due to its opacity and complex structure, it cannot be visually measured. The most effective measurement method requires stripping H2S from the liquid into gas for analysis by an analyzer or a sensor. The Model 205 PermaStream H2S in Liquids Process Analyzer efficiently and reliably separates H2S from the liquid sample for measurement in the gas phase without false positives as it only detects H2S.

A simple device, the 205 PermaStream continuously provides an ultra-clean and dry sample to the H2S sensor for real-time and

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