PS2000 Power Supplies with EtherCAT Interface

Beckhoff Automation LLC December 13, 2022

Beckhoff Integrates EtherCAT Interface Directly into Power Supplies

Beckhoff has expanded its broad portfolio of PS power supplies with the new PS2000 device series featuring a built-in EtherCAT interface. The PS2000 power supplies can remotely collect additional measurement and device diagnostics for comprehensive system monitoring, which can increase availability and reduce downtime. As a result, the feature-filled power supplies combine compact design and high performance with predictive maintenance functionality for the first time.

The new PS2000 variants combine high-performance power supply units from Beckhoff with the ultra-fast EtherCAT communication standard. This allows the control system to directly process extensive measurement data and internal device diagnostics information and establish remote access to power supplies. It also provides advanced monitoring features for the DC output (for system monitoring) or the AC input (for source monitoring).

In the case of system monitoring, important operation parameters such as output current and voltage are transmitted in real time and continuously updated. This enables transparent data exchange and, subsequently, automatic detection of additional load in the system. Furthermore, voltage, current and temperature data can be added to the monitoring scope – for example, to monitor heat generation in the device and collect basic plant data such as the number of switch-on operations or operating hours.

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