SUMMIT 8800 Flow Computer

Krohne May 16, 2022

KROHNE, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation, highlights its SUMMIT 8800, a flow computer with M.C. approval for gas flow measurement.KROHNE’s SUMMIT 8800 unites custody transfer, fiscal and allocation metering within a single flow computer. Exceeding expectations, the SUMMIT 8800 achieves optimization at all levels, enhancing communication options, speed of access, calculation, and operation. The computer’s high security features also protect end user data, making the product adaptable and scalable to meet the strictest Measurement Canada requirements.The SUMMIT 8800 has received Measurement Canada Approval for Category 2 and 3 sealing for natural gas. The SUMMIT 8800 with Category 2 sealing includes sealed configuration capability and metrological parameters. The SUMMIT 8800 category 3 device is the only partly locked panel mounted flow computer. It allows parameter adjustment, fast changes, and lower OPEX. These include changes on process parameters, CT parameters such as impulse factor, and changes on functionality.This flow computer is mechanically sealable with a hardware lock-out. Specifically, it is equipped with an approved Self-Contained (Type A) event logger for separate security levels within one device. Its cables are also sealed and cannot be disconnected.

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