Weidmüller September 12, 2023

Weidmuller USA, a provider of Smart Industrial Connectivity products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., has introduced a new open operating system – u-OS – that is uniquely engineered for Industrial IoT and automation applications.

A snapshot of u-OS features includes:

  • u-OS is made for maintenance – Easy cloud-based diagnostics and fleet management for your remotely deployed devices

  • u-OS offers seamless integration – Merge proprietary and third-party apps effortlessly using containerization

  • u-OS is future-proof – Built on open standards like Linux, OPC-UA, and Docker

  • u-OS is independent – Future-proof solution with no lock-ins for more choices

  • u-OS offers universal compatibility – Supports multiple fieldbus protocols

  • u-OS provides easy scalability – Expand and adapt with cloud-based device management

  • u-OS is migration-ready – Transition to new systems without the hassle.

An added feature is that the CODESYS APP, a leading IEC61131-3 programming tool used in machine building and system integration, is fully integrated into the u-OS platform. This enables anyone, from newcomers to automation experts, to harness the power of CODESYS, which provides a robust and user-friendly environment tailored to the user’s needs.

For more information on this product visit New Products For Engineers.