WM 200A Industry 4.0 Weld Monitor

Amada Weld Tech America September 27, 2022

The WM-200A monitors all aspects of the resistance welding process, providing visual and statistical feedback during research and development as well as production environments. High-resolution data capture is critical for artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. It also provides immediate feedback to the weld station by monitoring key aspects of the process and sending good/no good information to the process controller instantaneously during production. Whether connected to a standalone resistance welding station, or implemented in a fully automated system, the WM-200A enables users to collect large amounts of high-resolution process data to be used for manufacturing traceability, statistical data analysis, equipment efficiency and health. Data can be stored on an on premise or cloud based server and viewed or downloaded from a remote location using the remote graphic user interface. The WM-200A monitored inputs include current, voltage, displacement and force. The monitor features an intuitive user interface for easy programming and quick access to view waveform and numeric data. Configurable monitoring screens enable custom viewing. The WM-200A offers high resolution data capture (up to 200 kHz sample rate) and can simultaneously monitor eight different inputs and up to four distinct windowed process limits per primary channel.

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