Workforce Development
The new connection will enable high-speed sharing of massive amounts of data created by modern digital instruments like gene sequencers, powerful microscopes, and the Large Hadron Collider. Courtesy: Eric Rudd, Indiana University
Workforce Development November 22, 2018

University, industry leaders collaborate to power network for research and education

Indiana University network engineers are collaborating with Ciena, Internet2, and ESnet to power the Monon400 network and will stretch from Chicago to Dallas.

By Ceci Jones
Workforce Development November 5, 2018

How does the ‘Industrial Exemption’ impact automation businesses?

Legalities: For many automation companies, complying with the requirements for the professional licensing of engineers is not required for work in a factory thanks to the “industrial exemption.” State engineering licensing laws vary by state and can change; it is important to evaluate compliance annually.

By Julie Weller, Faegre Baker Daniels
Workforce Development October 31, 2018

Wireless alarms for facility showers are crucial to plant safety

Wireless alarms for facility showers can help workers provide quicker first aid to a worker if they have been injured in a remote area or late at night.

By Jeff Cater
Workforce Development October 31, 2018

Award-winning pumpkin grown with engineering

Caleb Otto used his engineering background in NorthWind Technical Services’ pumpkin growing contest with an award-winning pumpkin that weighed almost 800 pounds. Research, formulas, calculations, and automation helped.

By McKenzie Burns
Workforce Development October 29, 2018

University to create college of computing to address current and future challenges

MIT announced a $1 billion commitment to address the global opportunities and challenges presented by the prevalence of computing and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) with the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing, which will be completed by 2022.

By MIT News Office
Workforce Development October 23, 2018

Eight factors for process automation project success

Process automation projects are complex and can go through many challenges before completion. Remaining open, honest, and demanding high expectations from everyone can help ensure the project will be successful.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
Workforce Development October 17, 2018

Optimize machine metrics with a machine-as-a-service model, blockchain

Machine as a service (MaaS) and blockchain manage and secure machine data and transactions. Blockchain, while known for its use in the financial world, is being used by Steamchain, a start-up company, to provide secure financial and machine information design to help end users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

By Mark T. Hoske, Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Workforce Development October 6, 2018

Benefits of using master services agreements for engineering projects

Legalities: Including several small system integration projects or control system deliverables under MSAs can help the system integrator and clients.

By Brian Clifford, Faegre Baker Daniels
Workforce Development September 15, 2018

Cybersecurity experts to oversee data security produced by Large Hadron Collider

Researchers from Indiana University’s Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR) will oversee the security of data produced by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

By Ceci Jones, Indiana University
Workforce Development September 13, 2018

Two cities become testbeds for smart mobile technology

Speeds of over one gigabit per second and response times of a few milliseconds offer ten times the performance of existing infrastructures and opportunities for new wireless applications that can process massive amounts of data in real time, including robotics, augmented reality (AR), and edge computing.

By Andrew Hobbs, Vinelake