Workforce Development
Rice University researchers used a microstructure model of radiation-damaged hexagonal boron nitride to help them study the benefits of deep learning techniques in simulating two-dimensional materials to understand their characteristics. Courtesy: Prabhas Hundi, Rice University
Workforce Development May 4, 2019

Deep learning helps researchers understand new 2-D materials being discovered

Rice University engineers have developed faster techniques to model atom-flat materials for bottom-up design.

By Mike Williams
Courtesy: CFE Media
Workforce Development May 3, 2019

Online education benefits for process instrumentation, control

In-person training for process instrumentation and control (PIC) provides valuable training on-site for engineers, but online education can save time and money for everyone involved while giving engineers a base of knowledge they can build from.

By Nabil (Bill) Battikha, P.E.
Workforce Development May 2, 2019

IIoT Series: Part 1: Infrastructure, standards and systems

This CFE Edu course explains how infrastructure must precede application, and at the end of day, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is constructed based on a plethora of industrial computing standards that define its infrastructure.

By CFE Media
Carolyn Nichol, director of the Rice University Office of STEM Engagement, is principal investigator on the Noyce Texas Leadership Initiative for Inquiry Science Teaching, established with a $3 million National Science Foundation grant to give intensive leadership skills training to 20 teachers in high-need greater Houston schools. Courtesy: W. Schoffstall, Rice University
Workforce Development April 29, 2019

University wins grant to boost STEM education

The Rice University Office of STEM Engagement (R-STEM) has won a $3 million National Science Foundation grant to help STEM faculty and staff enroll 20 greater Houston teachers.

By Mike Williams
Snake-like robot helps first responders with search and rescue efforts by maneuvering into tight spaces and accessing difficult-to-reach areas. Courtesy: Carnegie Mellon University/RIA
Workforce Development April 26, 2019

Universities driving robotics research and development

Researchers at multiple universities are developing and researching potential uses for robots in industries such as inspection, medical, and automotive.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Sheikh Rafik Manihar Ahmed is control system engineer and innovation catalyst, Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd., and among winners of Engineering Leaders Under 40 in 2018. Courtesy: Sheikh Rafik Manihar Ahmed
Workforce Development April 25, 2019

Advice for engineers: Set training goals to reach career plans

Career advice: Creative ideas and innovation make a difference. Choose the right mentor and friends to understand your strengths and interests for a tighter focus on career, talent and skills.

By Sheikh Rafik Manihar Ahmed
Sweden, the 2019 Hannover Messe Partner Country, put on a cool and innovative cultural display during the Opening Ceremonies March 31. Courtesy: Hannover Messe
Workforce Development April 1, 2019

Hannover Messe 2019, Day 1: Innovation challenged by human concerns

Supply chain leaders won’t link with digitalization; AI has human workers nervous.

By Bob Vavra
Workforce Development March 28, 2019

Online training course for smart manufacturing

MESA International's on-demand course The Journey to Smart Manufacturing covers the fourth industrial revolution and what it will mean for manufacturers.

By MESA International
Led by Cornell graduate students, high school sophomores experiment with biological engineering principles during the W.O.M.E.N Outreach event March 16 in Olin Hall. Courtesy: Lindsay France/Cornell Brand Communications
Workforce Development March 28, 2019

Outreach event promotes STEM careers for girls

Cornell University's Women’s Outreach in Materials, Energy and Nanobiotechnology (W.O.M.E.N.) program helps promote scientific careers for high school girls curious about a career in science.

By Chris Vavra
Lenze's Mechatronic Competence Campus (MCC) in Extertal, Germany, is a modern development and production facility for development, production, service and storage. Courtesy: Lenze
Workforce Development March 26, 2019

Development site and logistics center being created in Germany

Lenze's Mechatronic Competence Campus (MCC) in Extertal, Germany, is a modern development and production facility for development, production, service and storage. 

By Lenze Americas