2017 IIoT for Engineers report: 8 key findings

Respondents to the 2017 IIoT for Engineers study identified eight key findings regarding familiarity and implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things; access full report

By CFE Media August 21, 2017

Respondents to the 2017 IIoT for Engineers study identified eight key findings regarding their familiarity and implementation of the IIoT framework and Industrie 4.0 platform:

  1. 93% of respondents and their clients are involved in the use of sensor, connectivity, analytic, or other digital technologies to support IIoT or other digital manufacturing initiatives.
  2. All respondents are familiar with the IIoT framework: 27% are very familiar and 73% are moderately familiar.
  3. Sensing technology, connectivity platforms, and data analytics are the top three technologies that engineering/IT staff and corporate entities/local executive management are interested in exploring or pursuing based on recent advances.
  4. Based on IIoT advances, 6 in 10 respondents expect productivity gains for wired or wireless networking, device bus, Fieldbus networks, I/O modules, etc. and HMIs, SCADA, historian, alarm management, and data acquisition systems.
  5. Respondents estimate an annual budget of $328,160 for their companies’ investment in IIoT and other areas associated with digital manufacturing.
  6. 3 in 5 respondents expect IIoT to benefit connections between people, data, and machines, as well as improving operations decision making/increasing agility.
  7. Companies are more often than not offering solutions equipped for in-service product data acquisition or to be “smart” products.
  8. Data security concerns are the biggest challenge when it comes to planning and executing IIoT projects.

Access the full 2017 IIoT for Engineers report here.

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