Contemporary Controls introduces network analyzers

Contemporary Controls

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief March 29, 2001

Chicago, Ill.- Contemporary Controls (Downers Grove, Ill.) introduced new network analyzers for DeviceNet and ARCNet networks, here March 5 at National Manufacturing Week. ARC Detect ARCNet network analyzers capture and decode low-level messages that controllers use to initiate, control, and packet transmissions. The device provides views of all frame types, such as invitations to transmit, free buffer inquiries, acknowledgements to messages, negative acknowledgements, and ARCNet packets. ARCNet is an embedded networking technology. Price is $2,495.

DeviceNet Analyzer, a CD-based program and intelligence PC Card adapter runs in a laptop with Microsoft Windows 98 or ME. Traffic can be captured in real time to minimize the possibility of missing messages. Price is $2,495.

CANopen Engine allows compliance with CANopen without programming, exchanging information between serial devices and a CANopen network.

A CAN104 adapter for 16-bit PC/104 bus computers supports the newer Philips SJA 1000 CAN stand-alone controller chip. The SJA1000 is backward compatible with predecessor 82C200.

ARCNet AI-FR redundant fiber ring hub provides uninterrupted network communication in case of cable failure, because of its redundant data path via ring topology. Price is $795.