Control Engineering hot topics, March 2023

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in March 2023 included stories on Microsoft DCOM, edge computing and controllers, new automation technologies, advanced analytics sustainability and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra April 4, 2023
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Hot topics in Control Engineering, for March 2023, for stories posted in the last three months included Microsoft DCOM, edge computing and controllers, new automation technologies, advanced analytics sustainability and more. Links to each article below.

1. Analysis: Ability to delay Microsoft DCOM hardening patch ends as of March 2023

The mandatory Microsoft DCOM hardening patch, “one of the best changes Microsoft has made for DCOM,” effects only a small percentage, but still a large number of applications. There’s no postponing the patch as of March. Be aware of the impact and related misinformation.

2. Controllers, interfaces provide advanced edge computing capabilities

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are used for real-time control, but now they can do much more to ease implementation of analytics and other needs with edge computing technologies.

3. The impact of new technologies on automation and digitalization system architectures

Digital telecommunication evolution has been rapid over the past several years and is providing near real-time communication.

4. Improving sustainability with advanced analytics applications

Three case studies demonstrate the ways process manufacturers are leveraging their advanced analytics applications to promote sustainable operations and business practices.

5. MQTT’s benefits for digital transformation

Message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) addresses many of the challenges involved in today’s increasingly complex industrial networks and can boost digital transformation initiatives.

6. Improving asset, materials management with ERP system

A materials science company contracted a system integrator to help them develop and implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as well as a manufacturing execution system (MES) that could work together and improve operations.

7. Five things to know before diving into edge technologies

Edge computing can help companies gather and process data more quickly, but those getting started need to understand how much data they’re processing and how their systems work. Five tips for integrating edge computing are highlighted.

8. Logistics, robotics advances at the heart of improving automation

ProMat’s return after a four-year absence showed a greater emphasis on robotics and how logistics improvements can make automation better in manufacturing facilities. See video.

9. Eight frequently-neglected VFD parameters to optimize

Recognizing variable frequency drives (VFD) parameters such as thermal current, pulse-width modulation and more can help engineers get better performance for many different applications.

10. How to optimize industrial motor communications, Part 1, data types

Three thought leaders offer advice on improving industrial motor communications and how better motor communications can help engineers, in this transcript from an August 2022 webcast. Part 1 includes motor-drive communication information discussions from EtherCAT Technology Group, ODVA and PI North America. Link to other parts.

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