Control Engineering hot topics, November 2023

Control Engineering’s most clicked articles in November 2023 included stories on Automation Fair 2023, Module Type Package (MTP) standards and episode two of the Bridging the Gap podcast series with Jeff Winter. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By David Miller December 1, 2023
Courtesy: Brian Gross, CFE Media and Technology

Hot topics in Control Engineering, for September 2023, for stories posted in the last three months included stories on Automation Fair 2023, Module Type Package (MTP) standards and episode two of the Bridging the Gap podcast series with Jeff Winter. Links to each article below.

1. Automation Fair 2023: Sustainability efforts require measuring and control tools, system integration

Calculating an organization’s readiness for net zero carbon emissions can help identify what needs to improve. Sensors, energy management software and system integration and analytics can help, according to experts at Automation Fair 2023 by Rockwell Automation.

2. Automation Fair 2023: Building the future of industrial operations

The theme of “Discover what’s possible” at Automation Fair 2023 is a major building block toward better industrial manufacturing.

3. MTP standard accelerates DCS and PLC integration

Many production plant designs require integration of a distributed control system with multiple PLC-based subsystems. NAMUR MTP is a standardized configuration and communication method to facilitate integration between the two, while cutting the cost, time and risk of doing so.

4. 7 ways SCADA software can advance IIoT implementations, if you do it right

Recent innovations have been good for tracking technology providers and end-users; what’s in the pipeline seems likely to provide additional industrial benefits.

5. Accelerate EV battery manufacturing by integrating servo motors, robotics

Electric vehicles (EVs) require more efficient manufacturing to meet increased demands and use of robotics and servo motors can help. See table on battery types, information on cell housing types.

6. Honeywell Connect Recap: Digital transformation, AI powering changes in manufacturing

Digital transformation remained a major theme at the second Honeywell Connect, but AI’s potential and use in manufacturing loomed large.

7. Bridging the Gap Series: The future of AI implementation for manufacturing

Like it or not, artificial intelligence is coming, and fast. According to new research from CFE Media, AI is already being used in a high percentage of industrial automation environments, and those that aren’t using it have plans to in the near future.

8. Making FDT/DTM technology work in factory automation, hybrid applications

FDT technology can be utilized in any industrial control automation environment, including factory automation and hybrid applications.

9. How can automation and sustainability work together to meet business goals?

A new position paper from the International Society of Automation (ISA) gives an overview of the many ways that automation can ease the pathway to reaching sustainability goals. Read a summary below.

10. How digital transformation can help your company become more flexible and consistent

Digital transformation is key to updating and improving manufacturing operations and helping them be more automated and efficient.