EC: AssetWorX 10.9

Software - Control design: Iconics AssetWorX is an intelligent ISA S95-integrated asset-based technology, which serves as the foundation of Iconics Genesis64 HMI/SCADA and AnalytiX software suites to organize any system, simplify engineering and enhance navigation. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Honorable Mention.

October 15, 2015

Iconics AssetWorX enables users to organize all enterprise and equipment data into reusable templates (equipment classes) that can be easily instantiated for all like assets to construct a system of items such as pumps, heat exchangers, well heads, gas fields, turbines, chillers, buildings, manufacturing cells and plants.

AssetWorX 10.9 includes time-saving productivity features such as advanced search, favorites, customized Tree Views and a new asset ISA S95 Equipment Class update function to support easier development and management of asset-based projects.

AssetWorX Asset Classes encompass everything associated to a given asset or group of assets—all properties, equations, commands and operations available—as well as the graphic templates, smart symbols and trends needed to visualize and provide insight for that type of equipment. Once defined, users simply instantiate the class at the appropriate level of the enterprise hierarchy and can immediately start monitoring their equipment.

In addition, a growing list of intelligent providers can be embedded in any asset, such as Energy AnalytiX and FDDWorX Fault Detection and Diagnostics. Asset properties associated with a specific piece of equipment might include: real-time status, alarm data, historical data, advanced analysis (efficiency curves and energy utilization), runtime or downtime accumulation by cause, maintenance work orders, fault detection rules, mechanical drawings, or production data.

For larger applications, distributed asset trees can be used to create a hierarchy of AssetWorX servers. Splitting assets into subfolders based on a logical tiered structure allows for more granular security layers and facilitates cloud-based architectures. All asset property data is stored in SQL Server, with caching available to all current users. Utilization of SQL Server, and the optimization included, provides IT-level scalability, extendable throughout an entire enterprise.