EC: Elinx ESW 100 Series DIN Rail Ethernet Switches

Network integration – Ethernet hardware: Less than 1-inch wide, industrial-hardened Elinx ESW 100 DIN Rail Ethernet Switches from B+B Electronics feature LC small-form factor fiber connectors and fit tight spaces, allowing network managers to easily add Ethernet devices and control network in noisy, dirty, and space-constrained industrial environments. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

November 18, 2011

Housed in an IP30-rated metal case, the ultracompact Elinx ESW100 Series DIN Rail switches, which are also panel mountable, measure less than 1 in. (0.98 in. or 25 mm) wide. B+B Electrics said these are the most compact switches with fiber on the market.

The five-port ESW105 and eight-port ESW108 models offer a choice of all copper ports, or the option to replace one copper port with an LC multi- or single-mode fiber port. The ESW105 and ESW108 are the basic all-copper switches with five and eight copper ports, respectively. The ESW105-ML and ESW108-ML models replace one copper port with a multimode fiber port, and the ESW105-SL and ESW108-SL models replace one copper port with a single-mode fiber port. Communication range is 2 km for multimode fiber and 20 km for single-mode.

Industrial-hardened with 61000-6-2 Level 3 Heavy Industrial Certifications, the switches are designed for rugged, noisy, dirty applications such as industrial automation, SCADA, traffic control, water management, building control, and wind power. They are highly immune to the electrical fields generated by motors, pumps, and relays; are shock, vibration, and free-fall tested; and offer broadcast storm protection.

With dual power ports (12 to 36 V dc and 10 to 24 V ac), the switches run on either ac or dc power and consume 4 W maximum power. They support IEEE 802.3, 802.3u and 802.3x standards, and operate over a wide temperature range (-10 to 60 C, 14 to 140 F). B+B’s ESW100 switches use little DIN Rail or cabinet space and can be mounted seven different ways: Din Rail or six panel-mount options.

B+B Electronics Manuf. Co., Inc.

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