EC: GreenChoice LSZH-Jacketed Cables

Network Integration - Network hardware: GreenChoice LSZH-jacketed cables are low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) versions of Belden's most popular and reliable Classics cables and are extremely useful in control and instrumentation applications or anywhere else you find the Belden Classics counterparts. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering November 12, 2012

GreenChoice cables are fully-recyclable, halogen-free, and meet all current environmental standards, including WEE, REACH, RoHS and Prop 65. Halogen-free GreenChoice cables are non-toxic and can be deposited in landfills. Halogen has a high burning and smoke point, but when it does ignite the results are very dangerous. The toxic fumes from Halogen smoke are disorienting, and make it hard for workers to escape a fire. For example, the halogen chlorine is used in bleach because halogens kill organic matter, and to have a halogenic compound present in an industrial situation at a high density is often fatal. Halogen smoke is also damaging to equipment. Belden has taken this information and made a safer cable that can be trusted anywhere.

GreenChoice cables are particularly beneficial when installed in control and instrumentation applications, computer and CAD/CAM equipment, power supplies, audio, personal computers, POS and automotive or wherever humans or animals are in close proximity to the cables and could be exposed to halogens. Not only are these cables safe for the environment, but they come with a 25-year warranty.  

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