EC: Octopus OS30/34 waterproof IP65/IP67 switches

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The Octopus is a wirespeed routing switch that brings advanced IT functions to dirty and wet manufacturing environments and transportation settings where high vibration resistance is needed. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

The Octopus OS30/34 meets the increasing need of network switching and routing in a washdown, dustproof IP67 housing. These requirements are satisfied by wire speed routing even at Gigabit data rate or by seamless redundancy mechanisms for high network availability. The feature set of the Octopus includes a plethora of options, e.g. fiber optic ports for various distances and connector styles, Power over Ethernet, for end devices such as IP cameras, approvals and certifications for various applications, for instance fire and smoke on board trains. Compatibility with IEC or IEEE standards assures long term availability despite a rapidly changing IT background. Typically a subset of the available features issufficient for each individual application. The plant engineer or system integrator takes advantage of the Hirschmann open ordering system by configuring the Octopus OS30/34 according to his or her needs. This yields an adequate balance between functions and costs. The new series is part of the Octopus family. The outstanding robustness and reliability of this series is well known. For example, NASA has choosen Octopus for installation on board the international space station ISS.

Hirschmann Automation & Control, a Belden brand,