EC: Productivity2000

Machine & Embedded Control - PACs, PLCs: The Productivity2000 is a micro-modular rack-based PLC supporting up to 240 local I/O for discrete, analog and motion applications with a high-performance CPU equipped with five communications ports and 29 discrete and analog I/O modules. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

The Productivity2000 is a micro-modular rack-based PLC that supports up to 240 local I/O for discrete, analog and motion applications, with free full-featured programming software. The high-performance P2-550 CPU features 50 Mb memory and LED status indicators as well as a 4-line x 10-character high-resolution OLED diagnostic text display with keypad for status, configuration, system alarms and user-defined messages. The CPU is fitted with five communications ports including USB, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485; and offers Micro SD card data logging. The two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports support programming and client/server connections (Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP scanner and adapters), and connection of up to 16 variable frequency drives. A full lineup of 29 discrete and analog I/O modules is available.

The P2-01AC power supply provides isolated power to the P2000 bases; I/O bases are available in 4-, 7-, 11-, and 15-slot models; any combination of I/O modules may be installed in a base without power budget considerations.

The updated downloadable ProductivitySuite programming software features tag name-based programming for better documentation management and more seamless integration with HMIs. Productivity2000 gives users the freedom to define user tags with no limits or fixed boundaries. With tag name based programming, there are no pre-defined, fixed memory maps and no wasted, unused memory allocations.

Powerful processes in the programming environment reduce development time; timesavers include combined ladder logic and function block-style programming; task management that minimizes scan time; advanced instructions that simplify complex tasks, and an exhaustive HELP file that covers both hardware and software topics.

FACTS Engineering,