EC: SimSci Logic Validator

Software - Control design: The Logic Validator is an automated test harness aimed at automating safety logic validation of safety instrumented systems (SIS) per the International Society of Automation standard ISA-S84 that automatically executes a series of commands. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

SimSci Logic Validator is a robust automated test harness integral to reducing plant turnaround time and ensuring safety. It is a uniquely comprehensive control and safety system checkout tool that automates control logic testing in a soft environment and offers a professional grade alternative to labor intensive manual loopback test procedures. It is combined with a field-proven dynamic process simulation program and an easy to use Microsoft Excel interface to automate control validation strategies. Logic Validator can be configured to test the configuration of a single controller or extended to test multiple controllers or control systems from a mix of vendors. It can also be used in conjunction with simple tie back models or with a high fidelity operator training simulator (OTS) to validate more complex control scenarios such as runbacks or cascaded control. The same test procedures can be reused on real PLC/DCS hardware when OPC, DDE, or a custom protocol is added. The unique features of Logic Validator provide unmatched ability and performance, including:

  • No additional programming required within the control system configuration
  • No additional equipment is needed
  • Easy to update the test configuration
  • Stable environment for test execution (single, subset, or set)
  • Single step, pause, and terminate test early, if desired
  • Automatically validate basic test command configurations and Tagname existence.

As well, Logic Validator provides accurate and cost-effective means to satisfy factory acceptance testing, regardless of system complexity. The bundled process modeling tool allows for thorough testing of virtually all conditions of the entire control system. When logic changes during plant outage or turnaround, Logic Validator can update the test and revalidate to ensure the new logic doesn’t cause unplanned results elsewhere. Extended further, operators can learn more about control system response and performance in the absolutely safe environment of operator training.

Schneider Electric,