EC: UC-8112-T-LX wireless gateway

Network Integration - Wireless products: The UC-8112-T-LX is a compact Linux-based programmable wireless gateway featuring Verizon 4G LTE certification and a 1-GHz ARMv7 processor for remote data logging, wireless routing, protocol conversion, and other industrial automation applications. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Honorable Mention.

October 15, 2015

The UC-8112-T-LX is a game-changing wireless gateway and computer that can address a wide range of complex communication and processing requirements, including those involving large scale WAN applications and the Industrial Internet of Things. It is certified for use on Verizon 4G LTE networks and engineered for reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 C.

Small and scalable
With multiple interfaces in a compact, DIN-rail form factor, the UC-8112-T-LX is extraordinarily well-suited for scalable communication-based applications, such as solar panel monitoring. Powered by a 1-GHz ARMv7 Cortex-A8 processor, it features two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN ports, a USB port, and an SD slot for expandable offline storage. These allow it to function equally well as a standalone data logger, edge device controller, protocol converter, wireless router, or all of the above at once.

Strong wireless connectivity
The UC-8112-T-LX’s supports 4G and Wi-Fi Mini PCIe modules to cover nearly any type of wireless communication application. As one of the only industrial wireless gateways with Verizon 4G LTE certification, the UC-8112-T-LX enjoys the widest geographic coverage and reliability for wireless Internet connectivity. Special connection management functions are also provided to address critical industrial requirements including optimal data usage, connection stability, and access control.

Easy development
The UC-8112-T-LX comes pre-installed with a customized Debian Linux OS and all the necessary drivers and utilities to maximize usage of the hardware. Native support for Modbus means the UC-8112-T-LX can instantly communicate with a large range of devices and sensors right out of the box.

With the UC-8112-T-LX, integrators and developers have a powerful, easily-deployed tool to make field device data and control accessible over the Internet. First-time users and evaluators can request a special starter kit with key accessories and instructions to jump start deployment.

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