EC: WaveContact

Network Integration I/O - Ethernet, wireless: WaveContact solves challenging requirements of process automation, monitoring and control by providing highly capable Class 1, Division 1 wireless I/O and data logging and aggregation. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

WaveContact is a highly capable C1D1 certified industrial wireless I/O solution with a ruggedized design for use in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. The heavy duty, explosion-proof enclosure can be solar powered with an integrated battery, allowing for intensive monitoring, measurements, and control process in even the most remote and extreme outdoor locations. WaveContact is also suitable for use in factory automation, industrial control, water/wastewater, Smart Grid, energy and agriculture applications. For example, oil and gas industries require a reliable source to monitor and control pipelines, wellheads, flare stacks, and vapor recovery to prevent malfunctions or worse, explosions.

WaveContact combines easy installation, compatibility with existing networks, and multiple input and output options to create a versatile solution. Its regulated smart serial interface with built-in RS-485 port and power supplies allow 12 V sensor power up to 140 mA per connection enabling wireless M2M capabilities for a wide variety of sensors and other Modbus Capable Devices, used for adding wireless M2M communications in the Class 1 Division 1 environment. RS-485 connection can also be used to power and communicate with any Modbus RTU Slave device and is capable of communicating with multiple devices on the same serial channel. C1D1 UL listing ensures technology can operate in hazardous environments and will not cause risk of fire or damage.

WaveContact also provides companies a cost-effective way to capture data at the edge faster than is typical for SCADA networks, in addition to logging and backing up historical data from thousands of I/O and sensor points. The Data Logger feature on the WaveContact allows it to serve as both a Master radio and Data Logger, which can save significant costs by eliminating the need to buy third party data loggers or use expensive remote terminal units (RTUs) or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that only log inputs.

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