Evolution of system integrator programs

Automation company programs help system integrators access technologies and expertise. Bachelor Controls Inc., a Solution Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program, designed and delivered a solution to get a new King’s Hawaiian plant up and running in 10 months.

By Mark Moriarty September 22, 2014

Scores of companies have system integrator relationships and programs that have evolved over the years. The summary below explains some details of the current Rockwell Automation program. Global System Integrator Database at www.controleng.com/global-si-database shows vendor experience for each system integrator. In this issue see table of contents for other system integration articles. 

Keeping pace with the evolution of technology is a challenge for any business. Sometimes, it can be more profitable and efficient for the business to seek the expertise of specialists. Identifying a qualified delivery organization is critical to technology innovation, but relinquishing some control without jeopardizing risk can be a daunting task.

For many years, Rockwell Automation has established formal partnerships with system integrators to offer end users more access to technologies and services from leading delivery organizations. When the program started, the main goal was to make it easier for customers to identify best-in-class companies to deliver projects as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible in the very complex world of industrial automation.

Today, these programs continue to help meet ever-increasing customer demands. Furthermore, they provide a variety of opportunities based on the system integrator’s capabilities across multiple disciplines of control, information, process, and power. 

3 program classifications

With the Rockwell Automation system integrator program, members are committed to deliver the highest technical solution and customer service, leading with Rockwell Automation technologies. There are three classifications within this program, but two of them are focused on working in tandem for mutual success with customers:

  1. Solution Partners often specialize in applications or industry experiences complementary to Rockwell Automation and have a broad geographic reach.
  2. Recognized System Integrators retain a mutually supportive relationship with the Rockwell Automation sales and/or distributors they work with to help counsel customers on the right solutions.
  3. Industry and functional expertise: The increasing importance end users place on highly specialized industry and functional expertise has led Rockwell Automation to make recent expansions to its system integrator program to include specific designations in areas such as machine safety and process.

In safety, for example, the designation is reserved for an elite group of system integrators that pass a thorough assessment of their safety application expertise and capabilities, as well as showing a commitment to maintaining excellence in machine safety applications over the long term.

– Mark Moriarty is manager, System Integrator/Solution Partner Program, Rockwell Automation. Preface by Mark T. Hoske, content manager, CFE Media, Control Engineering, mhoske@cfemedia.com.



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