Gensym analyzes network performance

By Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering June 1, 1999

Gensym (Cambridge, Mass.) Operations Expert is a graphical software product for intelligent fault management of advanced distributed networks. (For related information, also see Control Engineering June `99 article, ‘Software Tools Can Ease Network Setup and Use.’ )

Operations Expert uses a model of the network, system, and related applications to display objects to be managed and describe their behavior, characteristics, and attributes. Procedures are written or drawn graphically to locate, identify, and respond to various conditions that arise within the application, often large distributed client/server applications that might be unapproachable with conventional application development tools.

Basic architecture allows for concurrent processing and provides for processes to be executed when needed. This unique ‘focus of attention’ approach–in which the majority of rules remain inactive until they are needed to interpret events–enables large applications to operate in real time without sacrificing performance, the company says.

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