Mobile platform can be used as base for mobile machining

Kuka Mobile Robotics (KMR) Quantec can be used for payloads of more than 1,000 kg and as a platform for mobile robotic machining of pieces too large to fit into standard machine tools.

By Kuka Robotics December 4, 2015

Kuka combines robots, mobile platforms, and industrial components to create a flexible and scalable mobile robotic platform. The position and number of robots installed are variable, as too are the size and payload capacity of the platform. Grippers, tools, and special equipment can be transported by KMR Quantec and supplied with power. It moves autonomously without risk of collision. Its laser scanner for monitoring its environment and the integrated software and controller for navigation and motion allow reliable, mobile operation. An independent power supply uses high-performance batteries and industrial wireless technology to liberate the platform from restrictive connections. Safe monitoring of the robot is possible. Omnidirectional wheel technology enables it to maneuver safely to the desired position in confined spaces and to achieve a positioning accuracy of ±5 mm, no matter whether it has had to travel 5 m or 150 m to the site of operation. It can be used for machining extremely large components.

Kuka Robotics

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