Online training course for smart manufacturing

MESA International's on-demand course The Journey to Smart Manufacturing covers the fourth industrial revolution and what it will mean for manufacturers.

By MESA International March 28, 2019

MESA International announced the launch of their second online training course for industry professionals and executives looking for comprehensive toolkits about Smart Manufacturing. The on-demand course titled The Journey to Smart Manufacturing covers a baseline level of information about Smart Manufacturing and Industries 4.0 to help companies embark on their digital journey.

Attendees will learn topics such as:

  • Explain the background to Smart Manufacturing
  • Define the terms: “Smart Manufacturing”, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Internet of Things (IoT)”, “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)”
  • Identify some of the communications and standards being developed for Smart Manufacturing and the organizations involved in developing the technologies for Smart Manufacturing.

Additional information, course description and registration for the The Journey to Smart Manufacturing is available online at

MESA’s additional course, Justification and ROI for Smart Manufacturing: Building a Business Case that Wins Approval, is an introduction to the major elements necessary to produce a compelling ROI, including the importance of partnering with the correct stakeholders, acquiring an executive sponsor, and understanding and articulating the present state and desired future state.

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