Programmable DIN-rail mounted controller

Wago's PFC100 DIN-rail mounted compact programmable logic controller (PLC) with a small footprint that makes it useful for industrial applications where space is a factor.

By WAGO May 9, 2016

Wago’s programmable DIN-rail mounted controller (PLC) has a small footprint while providing functionality for seamless process automation. The PFC100 is designed for machinery and equipment control applications. Available in three variants, the PFC100 offers a compact control solution for industrial applications. The controller is designed for the e!cockpit engineering software suite. The controller is based on a Linux real-time operating system and its Cortex A8 600MHz processor makes it suitable for complex algorithms and applications. PFC100 ECO version (750-8100) includes two Ethernet connections, 10MB of memory and a Micro SD slot. The PFC100 can be linked into the e!Cockpit software platform, which enables users to carry out hardware configurations, software programming, simulations and visualizations of complex controller tasks, and provides a platform for Codesys 3.5-based engineering. Numerous libraries are available with preconfigured functions and modules tailored for individual industries and applications. The scalable I/O system enables automation of individual machines all the way up to entire systems. 


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