Recorder and controller with PID controls; 50th anniversary

The Eurotherm nanodac recorder and controller data recording device provides four universal inputs for graphical recording combined with PID control. Eurotherm, part of Schneider Electric since 2014, marks its 50th year in 2015.

By Eurotherm June 17, 2015

Eurotherm’s nanodac recorder/controller data recording device provides four universal inputs for graphical recording combined with PID control. It can be integrated with an existing instrument network and act as a local data historian. In related news, Eurotherm is celebrating its 50th year in 2015 as part of Schneider Electric. (See more info below.)

The nanodac includes an EtherNet/IP function that is designed to allow the nanodac to act as either a client or a server and provides data recording for up to 30 process parameters (via virtual channels). The EtherNet/IP, an industrial Ethernet protocol, administered by ODVA, also provides two user pages. The first page has an overview of all the process parameters (data points) being addressed; the second page shows diagnostics page that can be used during initial setup and commissioning.

The nanodac has 50 MB onboard flash memory, a removable USB, and data transfer via FTP. The nanodac’s 3.5-in. display has several configurable views such as horizontal and vertical trends, horizontal and vertical bar graphs, control loops, and alarm status. Other features include three isolated dc outputs and an IP66-rated washdown bezel for food and beverage applications. 

Eurotherm 50th anniversary

Eurotherm celebrates its 50th anniversary; Eurotherm Ltd. was formed on June 29, 1965, in Worthing, West Sussex, on the South coast of the U.K. Product development began in 1965 and resulted in the MK1 Temperature Controller. This first solid state control product, according to Eurotherm, exploited the rapidly expanding high-technology electronics of the 1960s. Part of the assembly of machinery was in founder Gerry Martin’s garage, garden shed, and on his kitchen table.

Process control expert and Eurotherm global marketing manager, Peter Sherwin, said the first hybrid graphic recorder, the 4250G, in 1993 was the first step in moving the regulated industries from paper records to digital, now a well-accepted data collection method in most industries.

Chris Ashworth, Eurotherm vice president and managing director, said the 2014 acquisition by Schneider Electric strengthens Eurotherm’s offerings, and, "The quality of our instrumentation, specialist knowledge within the industry, and the integrity of our intellectual property strengthen the industrial offerings of Schneider Electric." Focus Eurotherm industries currently include heat treatment, life sciences, glass, plastics, and food and beverage. For more instrumentation and process control history from Eurotherm, see:


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