Secure scenario: GigaTrust extends rights management services to Siemens PLM

GigaTrust solutions build upon Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS), and, under this new agreement, GigaTrust will apply RMS to certain Siemens PLM applications. The anticipated result is a fully transparent security system for manufacturing clients’ intellectual property.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff March 30, 2009

Enterprise rights management (ERM) specialist GigaTrust Siemens PLM Software , a global provider of product life-cycle management (PLM) software and services, under which GigaTrust will extend Microsoft ’s Rights Management Services (RMS) to certain Siemens PLM applications, giving organizations increased content security beyond the enterprise—after the content has been delivered, and while it’s being used.

GigaTrust’s ERM solution comprises a set of client/server software that enables an organization to persistently secure important content while at rest, in transit, or in-use in the native application. With GigaTrust, individual authors, as well as PLM systems, can increase asset protection beyond the enterprise. Security can be implemented after the critical data has been delivered, opened, and used on a global basis for the lifetime of the content.

A line of security solutions is expected to be available to customers starting in Q2 2009.

“Protecting manufacturing companies’ intellectual property is critical to their existence and growth while providing vital competitive differentiation for future innovations,” says Rich Ramsey, a company VP with Siemens PLM Software. “Our partnership with GigaTrust creates a rights management protection solution—available to many of our clients—with the depth and breadth to address these serious issues.”