Serial communication boards with RS485 technology

Moxa's PCI Express x1 serial cards the CP-116E-A, CP-118E-A-I, and CP-138E-A-I, are designed to work with RS-485 technology and are compatible with Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems.

June 13, 2014

Moxa’s PCI Express x1 serial cards the CP-116E-A, CP-118E-A-I, and CP-138E-A-I, are designed to work with RS-485 technology, which is used by engineers looking to create small, private device networks for automation applications. The three PCI Express x1 boards are compatible with the latest versions of Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems. They also incorporate one-click technology that analyzes network topology and automatically configures terminators and resistors to optimal settings. On-board LED display and troubleshooting management software reduces maintenance time and cost, while 128-byte FIFO minimizes data loss while optimizing host efficiency and data integrity. Bi-directional speeds up to 921.6 Kbps achieve fast communications for industrial and embedded applications.

Moxa Americas Inc. 

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