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Courtesy: FDT Group
Other Networks July 31, 2021

Device type manager changes for IIoT applications

With FDT 3.0, device type managers (DTMs) are now OPC UA-ready and offer data through the natively-integrated FDT OPC unified server.

By James Loh Chia Woon
Courtesy: PI North America
Other Networks July 21, 2021

Three ways omlox helps Industry 4.0 as an open standard

Wireless technologies are growing and indoor location tracking is a major component of it. As an open standard, omlox can help Industry 4.0.

By Keshav Kumar
Courtesy: FieldComm Group
Other Networks June 28, 2021

HART technology evolution with HART-IP

HART technology has been developed, alongside other technologies, to allow it to continue to meet the needs of the industry marketplace.

By Paul Sereiko
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Other Networks June 24, 2021

Campus with private 5G testbeds to drive innovations, networking

AT&T and Texas A&M University System’s RELLIS Campus has private 5G testbeds for public and private sector organizations to develop and innovate with 5G powered applications and solutions.

By Texas A&M Engineering
Courtesy: FDT Group
Other Networks June 23, 2021

Empowering a standardized web user interface

The user interface (UI) design for measurement and control applications has critical importance within modern industrial operations.

By Dr. Vivek Hajarnavis
Courtesy: CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)
Other Networks June 18, 2021

Why TSN will soon be a must-have for competitive manufacturing

Advanced industrial networks that incorporate time-sensitive networking (TSN) can benefit from high-speed, reliable communications for smart manufacturing applications.

By Thomas Burke
Other Networks June 11, 2021

Groups unify IT/OT visualization with universal device information model

The FDT OPC UA companion specification empowers FDT data-centric Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform enabling uniform IT/OT data access to the enterprise.

By FDT Group
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Other Networks June 8, 2021

Strategic alliance to protect industrial networks announced

Agreement brings together leading technology from each company to provide a cybersecurity solution for mission-critical networks.

By Belden and Dynics
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Other Networks May 25, 2021

Deployment of secure networks connect control engineering solutions

As industrial control systems (ICSs) become integrated with the internet, robust security is critical on every level.

By Jake Schaffner and Larry O'Connell
Courtesy: Rachel Anthony Barton, Texas A&M Engineering
Other Networks May 16, 2021

How nature’s characteristics can help build sustainable industrial networks

Researchers at Texas A&M University have delineated guidelines for setting up successful industrial networks by using patterns found in nature's food chains, which can facilitate economic growth, lower emissions and reduce waste.

By Vandana Suresh