Intelligence hub version 2.4 for industrial data

HighByte June 22, 2022

HighByte Intelligence Hub is a DataOps software solution purpose-built for industrial data. The Intelligence Hub enables manufacturers to securely connect, model, condition and flow valuable industrial data to and from IT systems without writing or maintaining code. The software is deployed at the Edge to merge real-time, transactional, and time-series data into a single payload for consuming applications. With the Intelligence Hub, users can speed system integration time, rapidly leverage contextualized data for analytics, AI and ML applications and govern data standards across the enterprise. HighByte Intelligence Hub provides the critical data infrastructure for Industry 4.0.

HighByte Intelligence Hub version 2.4 is leading the Industrial DataOps market with its focus on data preparation and systems integration at scale. The solution supports open standards and provides Operational Technology (OT) teams with the flexibility to merge, prepare, and deliver industrial information to IT, data scientists, operational domain experts and stakeholders.

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