TrendMiner 2023.R2

TrendMiner August 10, 2023

TrendMiner offers greater flexibility in dashboarding and reporting features for even more insights on operational events in 2023.R2 including:

  • Enhanced dashboarding and reporting: Get improved flexibility in dashboarding and reporting. Users can quickly identify process events and align them with specific results for faster, more efficient reporting across various views and assets.

  • Conditional formatting: Operational events can now be formatted in tables within ContextHub. This allows users to immediately notice when parameters exceed predefined limits.

  • Greater control over reporting timeframes: Engineers have enhanced control over reporting timeframes, facilitating more effective data access and analysis from multiple sources.

  • Integration with AspenTech APRM: The integration allows for the visualization and improvement of batch process data from AspenTech’s Aspen Production Record Manager (APRM).

  • Quick identification of outliers: ContextHub now allows individual or dependent column formatting, which allows engineers to quickly identify event types through color-coded cells in table view.

  • Flexible data source connectivity: The new release includes a Generic Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) provider for data transfer from any source supporting a JDBC connection. This feature enables engineers to define custom SQL queries for retrieving time-series and asset data, which provides deeper insights by combining different data streams.

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