There and back: RedPrairie enhances SCE suite with updated sourcing and recall capabilities

RedPrairie’s Enterprise Visibility solution will have updated sourcing and recall capabilities as part of an upcoming Supply Chain Execution suite release. The offering is expected to lower the cost of transporting goods from manufacturing to store—and back to manufacturing if necessary.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff March 18, 2009

The Enterprise Visibility solution—part of RedPrairie ’s 2009.1 Supply Chain Execution suite release—will have updated sourcing and recall capabilities. The new offering is expected to lower the cost of transporting goods from manufacturing to store, and back to manufacturing if necessary.
“For manufacturers, new legislation and changing customer demands have resulted in increasingly complex and costly supply chains,” says Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie VP of product strategy. “In the past, sourcing solutions focused simply on which warehouse had the most inventory. RedPrairie’s updated system will consider not only the geography in shipping from location to location, but the transportation cost as well. As a result, users can greatly reduce the expenses associated with transporting their products, since the solution can now select a sourcing location based on the least expensive option available.”

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Updates to Enterprise Visibility will allow automatic re-sourcing of shorted orders—meaning the system will now fulfill shipment from alternate locations in case the original source becomes unviable.
In addition, the new updates include functionality to expand the number of details available to effectively recall products at market. The solution will now allow component and finished goods tracking through the use of serial numbers, as well as kit and component-level inventory sales, enabling customers to perform and act on recall requests with minimal time and expense.
The updates also allow finished goods tracking through RFID. All of this data can be easily accessed and organized using the solution’s updated visibility screen.
In total, the updates to Enterprise Visibility can boost user productivity across all supply chain operations.
“In today’s recessionary economic environment, reducing cost and improving efficiency have become of paramount importance,” says RedPrairie CEO Mike Mayoras. “RedPrairie’s updated Enterprise Visibility solution will assist our customers in achieving both, by reducing the cost needed to ship a product, and the effort in getting it back.”