University hosting STEM leadership event for women

Stony Brook University's Women in STEM Leadership Program in April 2019 as the demand for qualified professionals in the STEM fields remains high and the focus on greater parity for women in these professions increases.

By Stony Brook University February 19, 2019

Stony Brook University’s Center for Corporate Education (CCE) is hosting its next Women in STEM Leadership Program in April 2019. The nation has a critical need for more qualified professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, and today’s heightened focus on greater parity for women in the workplace.

CCE executive director Patricia Malone said, “The conversation around women’s roles in the workplace and gender equity has never been more compelling and engaging. Through our Women in STEM Leadership Program, we help women crystallize their career vision, gain tools and strategies for career advancement, build their confidence and develop personal roadmaps with plans, goals and actionable steps to achieve them. The program is also a catalyst to move organizations to change their culture to embrace women in leadership roles and support them in the process.”

The program’s curriculum is led by facilitators and instructors from academia, global consulting, and diverse industries. Each brings their expertise to empower and arm participants with the practical skills and confidence needed in effective leaders. They will draw on their extensive knowledge in areas ranging from executive assessments, assimilation, and coaching to organizational performance, innovation, engagement, and science-based approaches to practical organizational problems.

Malone said, “Just as with our inaugural Women in STEM Leadership Program, this year’s program will not end with our three-day event. It is the springboard for what we consider a 360° multi-faceted approach where the women take control of their careers, leveraging the critical thinking and practical skills they will have gained through the program.”

Stony Brook University

– Edited from a Stony Brook press release by CFE Media. See more Control Engineering workforce development stories.