Virtual twins as a service can help manufacturers thrive

A Sept. 21 webcast examines how virtual twins can help manufacturers address supply chain and other challenges on the factory floor.

By Control Engineering September 15, 2023
Courtesy: Dassault Systèmes

Global management consulting firms agree that digital twins add substantial business value to a company’s performance – value that, once achieved, turbo-charges business indicators for customers, investors and other stakeholders. Unlike single-purpose digital twins created from data locked in one application, virtual twins draw on a pool of consolidated data to deliver consistent insights from concept to testing, sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, supply chain management, service after the sale and continuous improvement. Virtual twins are a scientifically accurate virtual model of objects that can be tested to analyze and optimize how they will behave under different scenarios using real-time or experimental data.

Fabien Roger and Prashanth Mysore from Dassault Systèmes will examine how virtual twins can help manufacturers perform better in the Sept. 21 webcast “Factory Virtual Twin as a Service.”

The presenters will touch on many topics throughout the presentation including the different types of manufacturing and how they differ and how the supply chain is affected. They also will examine the challenges today’s digital twins face and how virtual twins differ from digital twins and the potential advantages they offer. They’ll also highlight specific examples in different industries and include videos to illustrate some of the points made during the presentation.