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PID, APC November 2, 2018

Lantronix’s DSTni chip allows Internet, network embedding

To help developers build devices with embedded networking and Internet connectivity, Lantronix Inc. (Irvine, Calif.) unveiled April 9 what it reports is the first fully integrated semiconductor with the hardware components needed to enable those capabilities. The Device Server Technology Network Interface (DSTni) chip is scheduled to be available in fall 2001.

By Jim Montague, news editor, jmontague@cahners.com
Workforce Development November 2, 2018

Redesigned work improves business, life balance

Employees, managers, and companies face ever-increasing economic, business, job, and often personal pressures. This culture puts employees' work and personal lives at odds, but new evidence shows work and personal realms may be able to cooperate for mutual benefit.A recent study, "Holding a Job, Having a Life: Strategies for Change," demonstrates how some companies and employees are using impro...

By Jim Montague, news editor, jmontague@cahners.com
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