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Programming October 26, 2022

PLC programming dos and don’ts to consider

Programmable logic controller (PLC) programming is often done to resolve an immediate problem, but this can lead to long-term issues, particularly if the original programmer isn't around.

By Jon Breen
Workforce Development May 10, 2022

How to hire engineers other companies don’t know about

Finding the right engineers for a company starts with a focus on leadership, training and a focus on the future. Learn about automated training. See six tips for effective mentorship.

By Jon Breen
Vision and Discrete Sensors February 5, 2021

How industrial vision systems differ from the human brain

Industrial machine vision applications work a lot like the human brain does, but they aren't quite as flexible and have other potential limitations we may not realize.

By Jon Breen
Workforce Development January 31, 2021

How leaders develop individual employees and workplace culture

People are individuals and it is a leader’s responsibility to consider each candidate on an individual basis and to cultivate each employee according to his/her needs.  

By Jon Breen
Programming January 26, 2021

Free PLC programming software for education

Available programmable logic controller (PLC) software that is free for users is crucial for users and students who can't currently access a lab. See table with a breakdown.

By Jon Breen
Ethernet January 19, 2021

What to know about industrial Ethernet versus office Ethernet

Ethernet is growing in popularity, particularly as more people work from home, but there are some important differences between industrial Ethernet and office Ethernet people need to be aware of.

By Jon Breen
System Integration July 5, 2020

Five tips for effectively drawing electrical schematics

Industrial automation schematics drawings communicate design intent from the engineer to the assembler, troubleshooter and maintainer. See five tips on making electrical schematic drawings better.

By Jon Breen
Workforce Development June 8, 2020

Employee reviews: The right way and the wrong way

Engineering employee reviews, when done right, give the manager and the employee a chance to build and strengthen a relationship and carve a path for future success. Incorporate these six tips to improve the review process for engineering employees and those around them.

By Jon Breen
Automation, Controls May 1, 2020

Know the differences among a PLC, PAC and IPC

A programmable logic controller (PLC), process automation controller (PAC) and industrial PC (IPC) have unique features and benefits, but those traits are blurring as technology becomes more sophisticated.

By Jon Breen
Automation April 6, 2020

The future of industrial automation training

Smarter workers: Think beyond the limitations of the human brain to help industrial automation and industrial automation education. Use the brain outside your brain (BOYB) to “know” things not previously learned.

By Jon Breen
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