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IIoT, Industrie 4.0 September 1, 1999

How to hire the right employee

Sometimes the worst part of being an employer is the tedious hiring process. Initial questions include: Where do I start looking for candidates? What should the qualifications be? How long should it take to find the right person? The list goes on, but a new Internet-based tool by Kolbe Corp. (Phoenix, Ariz.

By Lara Jackson
Process Instrumentation and Sensors June 1, 1999

Women in engineering gaining slowly, but steadily

Why aren't there more women in engineering? It might seem amazing now, but before Congress passed Title IX in 1972 requiring equal educational opportunities for men and women, many female high school students were not allowed to take auto mechanics, drafting, mechanical design, and other classes.

By Lara Jackson
Workforce Development May 1, 1999

Follow nature’s path to a better career

Squirrels, beavers, and geese present some useful career analogies, according to a team builder speaking at the third annual Worldwide Lessons In Leadership Series held Nov. 18, 1998, at the Rosemont Convention Center (Rosemont, Ill.). The 1998 series, World Class: How to Team Up for Success Wherever You Live and Work, focused on diverse ways to use teams.

By Lara Jackson
Diagnostics, Asset Management May 1, 1999

E-commerce is becoming a way of life

As the 21st century approaches, more services make their way onto the Internet. So much is available now through the Internet that the chief executive of IBM, Lou Gerstner, recently made a bold prediction that the PC as we know it, will soon be obsolete and everything that was once done on individual computers will be done over networks and "non-PC Internet devices," such as digital telev...

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Mechatronics and Motion Control February 1, 1999

National Manufacturing Week’s web site has abundance of information

National Manufacturing Week (NMW) features technologies, products, services, innovations and solutions which integrate and support of manufacturers. It is sponsored, endorsed, and supported by nearly 30 professional associations, societies, industry groups, and publications (including Control Engineering).

By Lara Jackson
System Integrators January 1, 1999

Company information all on the web

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, people are turning to the click of a mouse to find company information instead of a phone call.The best place to begin looking for the latest technology news is Control Engineering's web site at It also contains subscription information, evemts calendar, and important phone and fax numbers, in addition to the current and ...

By Lara Jackson
HMI, OI December 1, 1998

Daily Internet use swells

Daily Internet usage among 1,000 randomly selected Control Engineering readers increased from 35% in 1996, and 44% in 1997, to 52% in 1998. The Cahners Corporate Research released an Internet Readiness Study for Control Engineering Internet Readiness Study measures readers' interest, experiences and plans for Internet usage.

By Lara Jackson
Workforce Development December 1, 1998

Flexible career development aids lifetime learning

To successfully manage ever-changing technologies, not to mention their careers, engineers and other technical professionals must "have a clear picture of their company's performance and development expectations for them. They need to see themselves and their performance as others see them," says Jon Younger, managing director and ceo, Novations Group (New York, N.

By Lara Jackson