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I/O Systems, I/O Modules March 22, 2001

Pro-face exhibits new operator interfaces, software

Pro-face America

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Discrete Manufacturing March 22, 2001

VisualPlant 3.0 manages plant data via the web

Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

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March 7, 2001

Intrinsyc, Siemens to introduce Open Platform Program

Intrinsyc Software

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Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 1, 2001

NMW 2001 earns an ‘E’

National Manufacturing Week is once again upon us, and once again, a wealth of information about the show can be found at the National Manufacturing Week web site, This year, greater emphasis will be placed on e-manufacturing, with an entire conference track devoted to it, plus other conference sessions and special events.

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Cybersecurity June 1, 2000

Viruses: No one is immune

A computer virus is a self-replicating program designed to wreak havoc with computers. Some of them are benign, but mostly they're no laughing matter. For example, the "Love Bug" virus, which appeared in early May, affected businesses and government agencies throughout the world. Many companies, large and small alike, had to shut down their computer systems to handle the attack, causing g...

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PLCs, PACs January 1, 2000

Know your standards

Any engineer knows the importance of understanding and adhering to industry and government standards. Without them, most businesses and manufacturers couldn't operate. It seems, though, that standards are updated or a new standard is created every day. Where is the best place to find out about and keep track of all the changes?The following web sites are good resources to bookmark and che...

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Ethernet November 1, 1999

1999: The web in review

This year was significant for the automation and controls industry on the worldwide web. 1999 saw impressive growth in the web presence of many key companies, and brought with it a surge in e-commerce as an effective means of purchasing components and systems.Highlights of the year include the following: GE Fanuc's site (www.

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PID, APC March 1, 1999

How search engines organize the web

If you've ever used a search engine for research on the web, you know that the lengths of the lists of matching web sites returned after entering a search can vary dramatically based on the search, and the search engine used. For example, if you enter the phrase "automation" on the Yahoo! search engine, you get a list of 96 categories and 2,688 specific sites to peruse.

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