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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics August 25, 2018

Cloud-based, secure remote-access solution for connection to IoT devices

The Moxa Remote Connect Suite (MRC) is designed to be a more secure way to connect to remote machines and equipment for troubleshooting, data acquisition, and device management.

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Wireless October 7, 2016

Weatherproof access point for harsh outdoor environments

Moxa's AWK-4131A-US-T outdoor industrial AP/bridge/client features an IP68-rated weatherproof housing and is designed for installation in railways, bridges and marinas, and critical industrial applications.

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Sponsored July 11, 2016

Key Considerations for Integrating Legacy Serial Devices into the Internet of Things

This white paper explains how to use your existing legacy serial devices for next-generation Industrial IoT applications.

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Wireless April 12, 2016

Data kit for connecting operations to the IIoT

Moxa's 4G LTE Jump Start Kit is designed to connect operations to the IIoT and features a data logger with built-in 4G LTE communications and a Modbus gateway and an I/O module to collect analog and digital sensor data.

By Moxa
Wireless January 12, 2016

Remote data acquisition devices with Wi-Fi support

Moxa's ioLogik 2542-WL1 and 2512-WL1 remote data acquisition devices are designed to support Ethernet, serial and WLAN interfaces for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

By Moxa
Wireless October 30, 2015

Modbus gateways for control rooms, data centers

Moxa's MGate MB3660 series of redundant Modbus gateways are designed to address the management of multiple devices in control rooms and data centers and allows administrators to establish communications with large numbers of new or existing RTU and ASCII serial devices across an Ethernet network.

By Moxa
Sponsored October 16, 2015

How Can Redundant Wireless Communications Help You?

This white paper explains how wireless networks should be saving money and improving flexibility for industrial users and public transport operators, but reliability concerns have hindered adoption. Now, new technological innovations are making low-cost wireless as reliable as old-fashioned wired networks.

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Sponsored October 16, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Modbus Conversion

Have questions about adding Modbus serial devices to Ethernet? Download this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for answers to these common questions.

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Ethernet August 29, 2015

Cellular IO modules for IIoT applications

Moxa's ioLogik 2542-HSPA and ioLogik 2512-HSPA cellular remote I/O modules are designed for IIoT applications and designed to provide users with access to remote field devices in harsh and rugged conditions.

By Moxa
Wireless August 7, 2015

Wireless bridge with redundancy protection

Moxa's AWK-3131A wireless AP/bridge/client is designed for harsh industrial settings and features AeroLink Protection redundancy, which is designed to prevent a single point of failure from bringing down an entire network.

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Wireless November 21, 2023

CCG-1500 cellular gateway series

Moxa CCG-1500 Series industrial 5G cellular gateways help customers embrace the benefits of private 5G in industrial applications. Moxa CCG-1500 Series gateways provide 3GPP 5G connectivity for both Ethernet and serial devices to simplify industrial private 5G deployments, such as AMR/AGV applications in smart manufacturing and logistics, and unmanned truck fleets in mining. The gateways act as an ARM-based media and protocol converter with a built-in 5G/LTE module, leveraging the Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System. They incorporate a broad range of technologies and protocols to enable interoperability and compatibility with major 5G RANs (Radio Access Networks) and 5G core networks from providers such as Ericsson, NEC, and Nokia.

Wireless August 18, 2023

OnCell G4302-LTE4

Moxa introduced a new flagship model to its OnCell Series of next-generation secure cellular routers, the OnCell G4302-LTE4. The OnCell G4302-LTE4 integrates MXsecurity software, providing centralized security and network management functions to configure and monitor devices remotely. Real-time alerts and notifications help enterprises quickly identify and troubleshoot issues.

Wireless August 14, 2023

OnCell G4302-LTE4 cellular router

The Moxa OnCell G4302-LTE4 LTE cellular router offers high-speed performance and reliable communication between FTUs and FRTUs at substations, enabling immediate detection of issues or anomalies in the system. It also provides protection against potential cyber threats to ensure system security. The OnCell G4302 offers advanced security features based on an IEC 62443-4-2 certified OS, thus supporting cybersecurity for IP-based cellular architecture.

Cybersecurity July 1, 2023


MXsecurity is a management platform that provides centralized visibility and security management to easily monitor and identify cyberthreats and prevents security misconfigurations to create a robust threat defense. This industrial network security management suite translates complex network activity and threat intelligence into real-time visibility of cybersecurity statuses and actionable management for better detection and reaction against cyberthreats. With real-time dashboards, MXsecurity helps users track and react to OT network security events more efficiently.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 July 1, 2023


The AIG-100 Series gateways are entry-level IIoT gateways that connect Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP devices to cloud platforms and applications such as Azure, AWS, and MQTT. The AIG-100 as a Modbus master can integrate existing Modbus devices with cloud platforms, collecting and transmitting data to the Azure and AWS clouds. Moreover, the gateways also support the Modbus TCP slave mode, enabling simultaneous transmission of data to a cloud platform and local SCADA system.

Networking and Security May 1, 2023


Moxa’s new CP-102N Mini PCI Express multiport serial board fulfills the need for customized expansion of industrial automation systems, plus enables faster time to market for OEMs and integrators, with minimal increase in power consumption or system footprint. Designed for industrial automation systems and industrial PC manufacturers, the CP-102N is compatible with any Mini PCI Express slot, and requires only a 3.3 VDC power supply, allowing it to work with host computers ranging from DIN-rail PCs to standard-sized PCs. It includes isolated and non-Isolated RS-232/422/485 communication cards for various applications, along with high-performance 16C950 compatible UARTs.  .

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