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HMI, OI September 1, 2007

Next frontier: mercury sensors

Software vendors and magazine editors can sometimes be guilty of oversimplification when discussing “compliance.” The one-word shorthand is meant to encompass the wide array of U.S. government regulations aimed at manufacturers and the often-complex rules for complying with them. Luckily for industry, and for the consumers these regulations are trying to protect, engineers and resea...

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
Workforce Development August 1, 2007

The wall comes tumbling down

Says Frank O Smith in this month’s cover story: “One of the great gaps in manufacturing has always been between design and manufacturing, with design engineering developing the blueprints and figuratively throwing them over the wall to production.” But the gap between the shop floor and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems—which encompass multiple functions includi...

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
Manufacturing IT, MES July 1, 2007

Obstacles to collaboration

In laying out its “winning strategies” for global manufacturers at its June conference, ARC Advisory Group keyed in on the theme of collaboration. According to ARC analyst and end user speakers, collaboration among people, processes, and technology is essential to the future of manufacturing.

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
PLCs, PACs June 1, 2007

Sewing up pockets of automation

I am reading a fascinating book: Stumbling on Happiness, by Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert. In addition to enjoying Gilbert’s logical mind and witty writing, I am exploring new ideas about how the mind works, including the human tendency to “misconceive our tomorrows and misestimate our satisfactions.

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
Manufacturing IT, MES May 1, 2007

World’s fair of engineering

Germany’s Hannover Messe—known better by its English title, Hannover Fair—is the single biggest showcase of new technology for manufacturing and automation in the world. The U.S. has nothing like it—and the U.S. manufacturing industry is the worse for it. This year’s 60th anniversary fair attracted more than 230,000 visitors to the 5-day April event.

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
Workforce Development April 1, 2007

Innovation Reigns

In the sleepy hour before breakfast, on the bus to sessions at the ABB Automation World user conference, I met the most delightful man. Tom Bassel of Graphic Equipment Corp., a maker of printing presses for packaging and other applications, was eager to get to the conference exhibit area and find out what was new.

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
Process Safety March 1, 2007

Support of innovation

The rapid growth of overseas manufacturing is creating opportunities and challenges for U.S. manufacturing. Companies are investing billions of dollars abroad to access emerging markets and take advantage of skilled workers. This month’s International Insight column (p. 20), focuses on two automation companies investing in Asian partners, and our “Global Focus on Manufacturing”...

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 1, 2007

A personal differentiator

After more than four decades of being an engineer, Herb Flink is retiring. Flink spent 37 of those years with Parker Fluid Control Division in New Britain, CT, most recently as its customer support engineering manager. On March 1, 2007, he will leave the company that provided many opportunities to indulge numerous areas of interest, including customer support, problem solving, and training for ...

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
Industrial PCs January 1, 2007

Let your choice be known

Just as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year is “you,” you are also one of our best resources for identifying the most innovative and useful hardware and software products for the jobs you do. The annual Control Engineering product awards competition is upon us, and we are seeking nominations.

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
Mechatronics and Motion Control December 15, 2006

System Integration at its Best

Every year since 1993, Control Engineering has published the “Automation Integrator Guide” supplement to let readers know who they can turn to for help with industrial automation and control projects. This year's edition, starting on page 36, includes more than 1,400 system integrators, consultants, and contract engineering firms that can design and install custom automation systems.

By Renee Robbins, editorial director
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