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System Integration August 20, 2013

State of industrial fuel cell technology, present and future

Industrial fuel cell use is viable for industrial electricity and steam production, nearly eliminating nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). Growth potential is larger than expected, according to a Control Engineering interview. Variable frequency drives are helping improve energy efficiency of fuel cell plants.

By Sidney Hill
Energy Efficiency August 15, 2013

Industrial energy management is not a one-size-fits-all proposition

Energy management technology vendors are building solutions that can be customized to fit almost any manufacturing setting. Link to three Industrial Energy Management articles.

By Sidney Hill
Energy Efficiency August 15, 2013

Driving a new generation of power plants

Variable frequency drive (VFD) technology supports versatile, reliable, low-cost power inverters for industry-leading supplier of fuel cell plants.

By Sidney Hill
Project Management November 10, 2009

Epicor says "shared benefits" program will reduce both the risk and cost of implementing ERP

Under the Epicor Shared Benefits program, Epicor will bill the customer half of its normal hourly consulting rate for all work that exceeds the original estimated budget. Customers also must agree to split any cost savings with Epicor if a project comes in under budget.  

By Sidney Hill
Manufacturing IT, MES November 6, 2009

SAP customer panel offers forum for competitors to work together for mutual benefit

Emeil van Schaik, an SAP's senior VP, calls the company's Consumer Packaged Goods Customer Advisory Council "a driving force behind SAP's product direction", saying "eighty percent of the work this group does has a direct impact on the SAP product portfolio."

By Sidney Hill
Discrete Manufacturing November 5, 2009

Supply chain merger: JDA Software to acquire i2 Technologies

Nearly a year after the global credit crunch caused the two companies to walk away from a merger, JDA Software has once again announced plans to acquire supply chain software specialist i2 Technologies.

By Sidney Hill
PLM, Control Design October 30, 2009

Dassault Systemes to acquire IBM’s product lifecycle management organization

For more than 20 years, IBM has handled nearly all sales and support related to Dassault Systemes PLM and product modeling software. Once the new deal closes, 1,000 IBM PLM contracts will become Dassault's.

By Sidney Hill
Mobility September 24, 2009

The iPhone goes to work

NetSuite, a supplier of a cloud-based ERP suite, and product lifecycle management (PLM) software specialist Dassault Systemes have released applications for the iPhone. Both applications also work on the Apple iTouch media player.

By Sidney Hill
Energy, Power September 23, 2009

Invention Machine takes another step in quest to make innovation standard procedure

Goldfire 5.5, released September 22, contains a "knowledge navigator" capability that Invention Machine contends will foster improved collaboration among product developers by accurately reconstructing the thought processes and research methods that lead users to develop specific designs.

By Sidney Hill
PLM, Control Design September 23, 2009

Oracle offers new product lifecycle management capabilities for process manufacturers

Oracle says the latest version of its Agile product lifecycle management (PLM) software suite will help process-oriented manufacturers such as food and beverage makers better cope with the twin challenges of getting new products to market quickly while also adhering to rapidly expanding regulatory reporting requirements.

By Sidney Hill
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