Sponsored July 9, 2018

Improving safety compliance and cost-effectiveness of Burner Management Systems

This white paper discusses the use of safety PLCs and explains how it will improve safety compliance and cost-effectiveness.

By Siemens
Sponsored July 9, 2018

Your Electromechanical Design, Optimized

This white paper discusses how to rebuild or simplify electromechanical design systems.

By Siemens
Workforce Development June 20, 2018

Mechatronics systems certification program created

Siemens and Festo Didactic teamed up to create the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP), which is designed to help students, instructors, and learning institutions address the skills gap in the manufacturing industry.

By Siemens
Sponsored April 10, 2018

A New Way of Motion Control

This white paper discusses paradigms in motion control, which allow machine designers to reduce motion design time and training costs.

By Siemens
Sponsored April 10, 2018

Integrated Drive Systems from Siemens: Your Electromechanical Design, Optimized

This white paper explains how electromechanical design systems can be simplified whether it's a retrofit or a new build.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing August 16, 2017

Technical center for CNCs, machine learning expanded

Siemens announced the expansion of its Technical Application Center (TAC), which is designed to offer classroom training, online instructor-led training, and online self-paced training for machine tool dealers and computer numerical control (CNC) end users.

By Siemens
Mobility May 30, 2017

Web access module for mobile devices, laptops

Siemens' Sinamics V20 Smart access is a web server module that mounts directly onto the V20 drive and transforms a mobile device or laptop into a virtual operator panel.

By Siemens
Sponsored April 10, 2017

How to Modernize Your Factory on Your Terms

This white paper discusses how to choose a retrofit/replacement path that matches your production and budget requirements.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing January 20, 2017

RFID reader generation for flexible applications

Siemens' Simatic RF300 RFID system has added three readers: the RF310R, RF340R and RF350R, and is designed for controlling and optimizing the material flow in industrial production, especially in closely packed assembly lines and workpiece holder systems.

By Siemens
Industrial Networking January 17, 2017

Controller for safety-related automation tasks

Siemens' Simatic S7-1212 FC controller is designed to perform standard and safety-related automation tasks in a single device and can be networked with Profinet and Profisafe.

By Siemens
PLM, Control Design January 13, 2017

Controller and engineering package for streamlining language programs

Siemens' CPU 1518 ODK advanced controller and Simatic ODK 1500S engineering package are designed to streamline the configuration and functionality of high-level language programs, including C/CC++.

By Siemens
Sponsored January 10, 2017

5 Ways Modern Integrated Automation Makes Plants Safer

This white paper offers five tips on how advanced safety technology helps plants exceed global safety-compliance requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

By Siemens
Wireless August 13, 2016

Failsafe IO modules for simplified controller configuration

Siemens' Simatic ET 200MP failsafe input/output (I/O) modules are designed to simplify S7 1500 controller distributed configuration

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing July 23, 2016

Servomotors for demanding motion control applications

Siemens' 1FT7 family is a line of high-performance servomotors for machine tool CNC interpolation, production machine web handling and other demanding motion control applications.

By Siemens
System Integrators May 5, 2016

Data analytics for manufacturing business

Interview with Jagannath Rao, President at Siemens Customer Services Division, at Hannover Messe.

By Siemens
Process Safety April 27, 2016

Executive panel discussion on manufacturing

Siemens held an executive panel discussion on manufacturing at Hannover Messe discussing topics ranging from challenges in the industrial sector to energy efficiency to connected technology and big data.

By Siemens
System Integrators April 19, 2016

Integrated Drive Systems

Maximize performance and simplify the process. Shift your perspective with solutions from a single-source.

By Siemens
Cybersecurity April 15, 2016

Control system with integrated Fieldbus diagnostics

Siemens' Simatic AFDiSD active field distributor features extended Fieldbus diagnostics that can be installed and allow users to access the latest information about their Fieldbus installation for information such as power, voltage and bus interruptions in real-time.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing February 27, 2016

Gear motor drive for material handling applications

Siemens' Sinamics G110M is a motor-integrated drive designed for material handling applications such as conveyors, warehousing, logistics, baggage and cargo handling, post and parcel shipping.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2016

Servomotor series with mechanical, thermal decoupling

Siemens' Simotics 1FK7 Generation II servomotors are designed for operation without external cooling and the heat is dissipated through the motor surface and have encoders that are mechanically and thermally decoupled from the motor.

By Siemens
Industrial PCs November 26, 2015

Software controller for industrial PCs

Siemens' Simatic S7-1500 software controller is designed to operate on industrial PCs and features include integrated system diagnostics with a mouse click, motion, and security functions.

By Siemens
Industrial PCs August 29, 2015

Drive system with integrated web server

Siemens Sinamics S120 drive system features an integrated web server that allows the user to access the Sinamics S120 with any PC with a browser capable of Internet connectivity through an Ethernet interface to execute a variety of functions.

By Siemens
Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 22, 2015

Push buttons and signaling devices for harsh conditions

Siemens' Sirius Act are of 22 mm IEC push buttons, indicator lights, and selector switches are suitable for cleaning with a high pressure jet at high temperatures as well as other extreme environmental influences.

By Siemens
Ethernet January 13, 2015

Cabinet module drives for multiple motor coordinated systems, multiple lines

The Sinamics S120 cabinet module (CM) drive packages by Siemens are designed to configure complex common DC bus lineups for multi-motor coordinated drive systems and can control units with multiple line and motor modules.

By Siemens
Energy Efficiency December 10, 2014

Heating control systems for industrial applications

The Siplus HCS4200 and HCS4300 by Siemens are heating control systems designed to cut a plant's energy consumption by facilitating energy-efficient heating element actuation and avoiding current spikes in the network in industrial applications.

By Siemens
Process Instrumentation and Sensors October 16, 2014

Submersible level transducer

Siemens' Sitrans LH100 submersible level transducer is designed for use in hydrostatic level applications and features a ceramic sensor that and housing that is made of stainless steel 316L.

By Siemens
Workforce Development July 22, 2014

Penn State receives software grant for academic and research programs

Penn State University received a $750 million PLM software grant from Siemens to help Pennsylvania students get hands-on experience with technology used in manufacturing.

By Siemens
Workforce Development March 28, 2014

Software grant awarded to community college in Michigan

Mott Community College in Michigan in Flint, Michigan, received a $55.8 million software grant from Siemens to to help educate students on product lifecycle management (PLM) software for potential manufacturing careers.

By Siemens
Workforce Development February 21, 2014

Software grant awarded to technical and community college in Cincinnati

Cincinnati State University received a $66.8 million in-kind software grant from Siemens to help students learn and develop skills and techniques in product lifecycle management (PLM) software.

By Siemens
Energy Efficiency January 8, 2014

Product updates: Motors, energy analytics

Upgrades: The Siemens Simotics FD motor series and Energy Analytics services aim to expand areas where Siemens motors can be used and savings for energy use in industrial applications.

By Siemens
Ethernet January 3, 2014

Network management software receives upgrade, monitors more

Siemens upgraded its Sinema Server V12 network management software, which can now monitor up to 500 components and 50,000 clients.

By Siemens
Workforce Development March 7, 2013

Siemens 2013 Automation Summit will be in New Orleans; registration is open

Siemens Industry Inc. announces New Orleans, La., as the host site for its 2013 Automation Summit, June 24-27, with a continued emphasis on the theme of “Community. Experiences. Productivity.” Registration is open.

By Siemens
Industrial Networking January 22, 2013

Trends in servo drives: productivity, speed, performance

Increased performance, support for up to 128 axes, and onboard Ethernet are among features in today’s advanced servodrives.

By Siemens
Motors and Drives December 19, 2012

Variable frequency drives supplied for retrofit project

Siemens is supplying two Robicon Perfect Harmony VFDs to the Otter Tail Power Company for their plant in South Dakota as part of a $490 million environmental retrofit project that is scheduled for completion by 2015.

By Siemens