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Courtesy: PI
CNC Motion Control September 14, 2021

Designing motion control and precision positioning equipment for high-vacuum applications

How motorized positioners meet requirements of vacuum applications through specific design, selected materials and components, and vacuum-enabling manufacturing and quality control processes.

By Stefan Vorndran
CNC Motion Control September 4, 2021

Motion control standard simplifies machine design, improves machine effectiveness

Standardized motion control function blocks combined with a state diagram from PLCopen are helping to shift mechanical machine designs to more efficient and effective mechatronic (mechanical and electric) designs, helping machine builders and machine builder customers, end users.

By Eelco van der Wal
Courtesy: Yaskawa America Inc.
CNC Motion Control August 3, 2021

Single blade rotary knife: Application overview

Industrial rotary knives, usually servo-driven, cut a continuously-fed web into desired lengths. Software helps size and configure the servo for rotary knife applications.

By Sixto Moralez and Phil Drexler
Courtesy: Fraba Inc.
CNC Motion Control August 1, 2021

Getting connected: interface options for motion control

Electronic motion control systems require reliable communications interfaces to exchange information between the controllers, actuators and sensors.

By Christian Fell
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated (CI)
CNC Motion Control July 26, 2021

Manufacturer, university partner up to advance additive manufacturing technology

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) announced a partnership with Ohio State University's Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) to help researchers and students advance additive manufacturing (AM) technology.

By Cincinnati Incorporated (CI)
Courtesy: Siemens in a ProMatDX preview
CNC Motion Control April 8, 2021

Intralogistics markets expand motion control use

Huge demand in warehousing, food and beverage, and other interior logistics (intralogistics) applications expand variable frequency drive flexibility and features.

By Mark T. Hoske
A technique called scene flow can be used to predict the future position of a cyclist by comparing the current lidar point cloud of a street scene. CMU researchers have developed a method that increases the amount of data available for training such systems. Courtesy: Carnegie Mellon University/ISSSource
CNC Motion Control June 27, 2020

Unlabeled data aids self-driving cars

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have found a way to unlock a mountain of autonomous driving data to improve self-driving cars.

By Gregory Hale
A total of 24 movers with light, 3D-printed blister grabbers travel along an 11-meter-long XTS circuit between one HSPP system, the laser labeling system and the second HSPP. Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
CNC Motion Control February 17, 2020

Machine module provides software-supported product changeovers

Koch Pac-Systeme designed a labeling and grouping unit in a toothbrush packaging line with a transport system at its core.

By Frank Würthner
CNC Motion Control December 10, 2019

Seven things to know about OMAC

The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) assembles end-user manufacturers, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machine builders, system integrators, technology providers, and non-profit and government agency organizations to address key issues, such as connectivity, manufacturing efficiency and best practices for global manufacturing.

By John Kowal
Courtesy: CFE Media
CNC Motion Control December 10, 2019

Motion control, motor sales increase slightly in Q3 2019

TheMotion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) reported that global motion control and motor suppliers have received orders at $2.65 billion through the third quarter of 2019.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)