CDV Index Score

November 1, 2022

The CDV Index is a method of quantifying and evaluating an industrial facility’s preparedness, resiliency, risks, and progress of addressing digital incidents, threats and compromises that can negatively impact production, operations, environment, and lives.

Factors to be considered can include age, severity, depth, criticality, segmentation among mitigation actions.

Evaluation is necessary due to the longer life cycle of industrial systems, controllers, and sensors, along with limited purpose processing devices, including IoT; which lacks the capabilities of endpoint protection, patch updates and security authentication controls.

A CDV Index Score tells management and insurers about the relative status of the connected devices in an industrial facility. It is calculated by using information gathered from the network supporting the connected industrial equipment.

The score is calculated at a point in time and can change due to circumstances such as devices added, software updates, new vulnerabilities issued, segmentation and other mitigations incurred.

Securing your CDV Index score begins with an accurate inventory of connected devices compiled with data from your network. Each asset requires a vulnerability search issued for each individual device and software/firmware levels. This is followed by an active analysis and comparison of results obtained.

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