Four‐channel relay & analog input module

ControlByWeb January 3, 2024

The ControlByWeb X‐412 features four analog inputs and four relays with a built‐in web server that allows remote access for virtually infinite control and monitoring possibilities. The X-412 combines analog inputs, relays and onboard logic in an easy-to-use interface, offering real-time data and stand-alone control ideal for a host of applications. It’s compatible with nearly any analog sensor for easy integration and precise measurement.              

Control and monitor up to 64 I/O with peer-to-peer communication

The X-412 supports peer-to-peer communication between ControlByWeb modules. It supports communications with up to 32 modules and allows you to control and monitor up to 64 remote I/O points. This introduces incredible flexibility for IIoT edge applications where conditions are often less predictable, physically remote and can easily become cost prohibitive.

No-code logic task builder

The X-412’s built-in interface allows you to create custom “Tasks” for simple and advanced control logic. The no-code, easy-to-use interface allows you to create conditional or scheduled tasks. Use simple drop-down menus to choose from an impressive list of available triggers and actions. For those who need more than the task builder can offer, the X-412 accepts BASIC script for more advanced, granular control.

Compatible with most control systems

The X-412 is easy to integrate with a variety of control software solutions. Communication protocols include Modbus TCP/IP, JSON, XML and SNMP.

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