GCR Series Built-in Rail Electric Linear Actuator

TPA Robot June 13, 2023

GCR series linear actuators use the unique structural design(Invention patent number: CN202110971848.9) of TPA ROBOT, which makes the steel bar embedded in the aluminum base module and then grinds out the groove, aluminum base and slider are integrally formed. This design enables the module to reduce its weight and volume by 25% while having high rigidity and high precision.

With TPA’s  patented structural design, the steel bar is inlaid inside the body, and the groove grinding of the guide rail is completed at one time, which ensures a higher straightness of walking and repeated positioning accuracy up to ±0.005mm. In addition to that full sealed and special steel belt structure design can reduce the entry of dust and can be used in clean room. So GCR series electric linear actuator is popular in FPD, medical automation industry, semiconductor, precision measuring instruments and other automation industries.

The GCR series linear actuator offers up to 8 motor mounting options, combined with its smaller size and weight, can be assembled into ideal cartesian robots and gantry robots at will, allowing for endless automation system possibilities. And the GCR series single axis robot can be directly filled with oil from the oil filling nozzles on both sides of the sliding table, without removing the cover.

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