HCR Series ball screw linear actuator

June 13, 2023

The full sealed, ball screw linear actuator developed by TPA ROBOT has controllability and environmental adaptability, so it is widely used as a driving source for various automation equipment.

While taking into account the payload, it also provides a stroke up to 3000mm and a maximum speed of 2000mm/s. The motor base and coupling are exposed, and it is not necessary to remove the aluminum cover to install or replace the coupling. This means that HNR series linear actuator can be combined at will to create Cartesian robots to suit your automation requirements.

Since the HCR series linear actuator is fully sealed, it can effectively prevent dust from entering the automated production workshop and prevent fine dust generated by the rolling friction between the ball and screw inside the module from spreading to the workshop. Therefore, the HCR series can adapt to various automation in production scenarios, and it can used in clean room automation equipment, such as inspection and test systems, oxidation and extraction, chemical transfer and other industrial applications.

Features include:

  • Repeated Positioning Accuracy: ±0.02mm

  • Max Payload(Horizontal): 230kg

  • Max Payload(Vertical): 115kg

  • Stroke: 60 – 3000mm

  • Max Speed: 2000mm/s

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